The Hackwood Partnership

Essex House, Essex Road, Basingstoke, RG21 8SU


Firstly, we wish to sincerely apologise to the patients of Essex House (formally Hackwood) who attended the patient access open evening on 11th July under the assumption that this was the only opportunity that they had to re-register for this service.

It has come to our attention that Primary Care Support England sent the wrong letter to patients during the week commencing 25th June 2018.

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) are responsible for sending letters to registered patients on behalf of Practices when they merge, and therefore, whilst the letter is written by the Practice, PCSE print, envelope and post them to patients.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, PCSE made an error whereby they sent the wrong version of the letter to our 45,000 patients. PCSE received the letter on 18th June, but subsequently, received an amended final draft the following day. They acknowledged receipt of the amended version and advised they’d deleted the original; however, they inadvertently sent the original, incorrect version. They have said that they are sincerely sorry for their error and the repercussions caused to both patients and staff following their mistake. They will be sending a letter to all registered patients to apologise.

The difference in the two letters mainly related to the patient access open evenings, here is an explanation to clarify:

The paragraph under the heading of ‘Patient Online Access’ on the correct version of the letter started with the following sentence before then going on to explain that details of the open evenings: “We will be holding two open evenings for patients to collect their new log in details, alternatively, you can attend any site after 24th July during usual opening hours.” We appreciate that because this sentence was not on the version of the letter that you received, some patients thought that they had to come during the 6.30-8pm window on Wednesday 11th July.

The reason for holding an evening clinic was to try to ease the inconvenience felt by patients who would have to take time out of work or usual daily activities in order to attend the site between our usual hours; we usually close at 6.30pm so we extended this to 8pm for this purpose. It is now clear that our good intentions did not meet the demand and that the demand far exceeded our expectations due to the reasons explained above. We have learnt from this and will be ensuring that more staff are on hand for the second open evening at the St Andrews Centre site.

We wish to clarify that patients of St Andrews Centre (formally Camrose) do not have to attend the open evening on 25th July between 6.30-8pm if it is not convenient. Patients can attend any of the three sites any time between 8am-6.30pm from 24th July to re-register for patient access.

Please note that the following text from our previous letter still stands: “Please bring 2 forms of ID, one photographic and one confirming your address e.g. a bank statement, as this is a requirement for reassigning your log in details. Note that only patients aged 16 and over are eligible for this service and that each patient will only be able to collect their own log in details.”

Once again, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused to all of those patients who queued for a considerable time on Wednesday evening to collect their log in details due to thinking that this was their only opportunity because the incorrect letter had been sent by PCSE.