The Hackwood Partnership

Essex House, Essex Road, Basingstoke, RG21 8SU

Telephone System

We are aware of serious issues at present whereby our call overflow system is not kicking in. We have spent several hours on the phone to our supplier to try to resolve these issues. It has now been escalated to a Manager at our suppliers end. Our call queue is capped at 40 calls so when a patient calls, if they are 1-40 in the queue, they are placed in the queue. If a patient is 41+ in the queue, they will hear the music for 10 minutes and the repeated hold message, but not actually be in the queue despite appearing to be.

We are told that our case has been escalated and resolved as soon as possible, but are aware that these issues have now been going on since Thursday 8th November. We are doing everything in our power to keep call queues to a minimum so that we don’t go over the 40 maximum.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that this is causing to patients and staff alike.