The Hackwood Partnership

Essex House, Essex Road, Basingstoke, RG21 8SU

Our Mission, Values & Vision

Our Mission:

To provide a high quality health service to improve the health of our patient population.

To strive to be thought of as one of the best practices in Basingstokeby our patients, our team and our CCG.

To offer continuity of care by allocating all patients to a named GP.

To be accessible and to prioritise access to our services for those who need it most, when they need it most.

To promote self reliance and a positive attitude to healthy living.

To provide a safe, pleasant and clean environment for our staff and patients.

To offer a range of appointment times to improve ease of access to our services.

To be supportive employers with a multi-skilled, motivated team.

To invest in appropriate technology to facilitate the work we do by using suitable clinical computer systems, recording telephone calls and facilitating prescription ordering on-line

To be good communicators with our patients by using our website, our Patient Participation Group, our plasma screen and written literature.

To forge strong links with secondary care though educational meetings, the CCG and the Alliance.

To embrace local and national priorities.

To be mindful of the constraints within the NHS and be wise prescribers and referrers.

To respect confidentiality and information governance.


Our Values:

At The Hackwood Partnership we promise to do the very best for our patients by:

Acknowledging that what is important to the patient is fundamental to any decision making.

Treating all patients fairly and without discrimination or prejudice.

Promoting openness and transparency.

Being polite, considerate and honest and at all times

Encouraging patients to care for themselves in order to improve and maintain their health.

Helping patients to make decisions about their care using their knowledge of their condition by promoting shared decision making between patients and carers

To ensure that the care we provide is culturally responsive, flexible and relevant to each individual.

Recognising that there may be times when we have to challenge as well as listen and support.

Delivering personalised, cost effective care.

Ensuring the best possible care for patients at the end of life by following gold standards in palliative care, complying with the wishes of the patient whenever possible.

Recognising that sometimes things go wrong and being prompt to apologise and to make amends. We will use these occasions to learn from our mistakes.

Acting ethically and with honesty and integrity at all times.

Maintaining a clean, safe and welcoming environment, practicing high quality clinical care.

Promoting a happy working atmosphere for our staff.

Ensuring that clinicians remain up to date with relevant medical developments and take part in appraisals and revalidation.

Promoting a culture of shared ownership of these values.


Our Vision:

At The Hackwood Partnership we believe in always looking forwards for ways to improve our service. This is our vision for the future:

Working collaboratively with patients to achieve high quality care.

Moving towards more cost effective, integrated and resilient care systems.

Looking for ways to use technology to the advantage of our patients.

Adapting to the increasing number of patients who have multiple long term conditions that require complex medical care delivered in their community or home.

Working with local Community Services to deliver more complex care in the community; bringing it closer to patients and their families and reducing costs.

Supporting patients to adopt healthy lifestyles and to participate in their own care through shared decision making.

Working towards more coordination and collaboration with our partners in secondary care to provide streamlined access to care.

Working with other local practices to share learning and best practice, whilst maintaining our unique identity.

Continually looking for ways to develop and improve the services offered to our patients.

All staff working in a supportive, encouraging environment where they are able to make a difference.