The Hackwood Partnership

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Patient Survey

Following on from our updates around the Primary Care Home project (please see the ‘news’ button on the Practice website or ask at Reception for a copy of the update), we have created this survey in order to gather patient feedback about our proposals.

Our wish is to continue to provide our patients with safe, effective, accessible care both now and in the future. To enable this to happen, we would be looking to amalgamate some of our services into ‘hubs’ across the three sites.

By combining certain services and staff of the three Practices, our patients will gain from an enhancement in the services we will be able to offer. All patients will remain registered with their current GP and routine GP appointments, as well as routine treatment room nurse appointments will still be offered from all three sites. Our plan is to offer the following services in hubs:

  • Duty Doctor clinic and *improved access GP & nurse clinics will be offered from The Hackwood Partnership.
  • COPD, Family Planning and Women’s Health, Minor Surgery and Leg Ulcer Clinics will be offered from Camrose Medical Partnership.
  • Phlebotomy and Diabetes clinics will be offered from Gillies Health Centre.

With the above information in mind, you may, on occasion, have to travel to either Camrose Partnership or Gillies Health Centre. Gillies Health Centre is a re-built (2004) surgery and Camrose Medical Partnership a purpose build (2012) surgery. Both offer ample parking and good disabled access. Camrose Medical Partnership is situated 1.2 miles from The Hackwood Partnership and there is a direct bus route from one to the other every 10 minutes during peak times. Gillies Health is situated 1.9 miles from The Hackwood Partnership by car and 1.7 miles walking distance. There is a bus route from one to the other which does require a short walk to/from the bus stop. The bus is available every 8/9 minutes at peak times.

We hope that our patients will understand that the current model of small practices working in isolation is not sustainable. Our practice like many others across the country is facing a number of challenges in the delivery of NHS services. Our patient numbers are increasing as are the complexities of their conditions. The climate nowadays favours larger, and therefore more sustainable, practices with a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Paramedic Practitioners, Nurses and Health Care Assistants. MDT working means that there is less risk of professional isolation for our GPs and makes the Practices more likely to be able to recruit in a highly competitive market.

There are also economies of scale as small Practices are not as cost effective as larger groupings. Whilst savings are small they would enable the Practices to reinvest in its services and potentially attract a greater skill-mix of clinical staff. This would help support the growing demands placed on their services from the increasing list size.

*We are taking part in a pilot project call ‘improved access’ alongside Camrose Medical Partnership and Gillies and Overbridge Medical Partnership.

We are currently awaiting final confirmation from the CCG, but our plan is to offer additional prebookable appointments with our Practice Nurses between the hours of 6.30-7.30pm Monday – Friday as well as 8.00-11.00am on Saturday mornings. In addition to this, we will be looking to offer on the day bookable GP appointments from 6.30-8.00pm Monday – Friday and prebookable appointments 8.00-11.00am on Saturday mornings. All of these additional GP and Nurse appointments would be provided from The Hackwood Partnership site.

In addition to this, we may be able to offer prebookable appointments on Sunday mornings from Hantsdoc, which is based at the Hospital.

Registered patients will be able to book these appointments in all of the usual ways; via the telephone, reception desk or online. We will update patients once we have received final confirmation from the CCG.

It is likely that this service will commence from April.

Please answer the following questions having first read the explanatory information.

Patient Survey - Hackwood Patients' Version